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Latest – Ajuda Foundation*

March 2023

The aim of the Ajuda Foundation is to promote positive mental health & well-being support, resources, information and training to community groups, schools, education establishments and individuals who are disadvantaged, either by their social and economic situation such as, homelessness, poor mental health, disabilities or financial crisis throughout Wales.

Heritage Coast *

January 2023

Situated on the Heritage Coast in the beautiful Vale of Glamorgan, welcoming camping guests for the past 15 years. With integrated booking system.

MHW Show *

September 2022 – ongoing until May 2023.

The Mental Health & Wellbeing Show, a motivating and inspiring all-day show in Cardiff City Hall, 11th May 2023 featuring exhibitors, speakers and experts promoting positive mental health and wellbeing.

MHW Awards *


Annual Awards rewarding & recognising individuals and companies who go above and beyond to put the wellbeing of others first.
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