Need access to your website?


If you need to access your WordPress admin and have forgotten the pw then enter this in the url bar:

<your domain name>/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword

Enter your email address and you will receive an email which will allow you to reset the password. Check your spam folder.

If I am not available for any reason:

You almost certainly have your own hosting account. If catalyst2 is your host (or if I renew hosting for you at catalyst2) then raise a ticket here and they will assist:

If I have taken over your website it will most likely not be catalyst2 but you will have those details hopefully (as will I). Note this may just be a contact you (and I) have who raises tickets on your behalf.

When you have access to your WordPress website, update any themes and plugins. The WordPress version also if a new one is available. All with a few clicks. This may not be necessary as its most likely to be the case that all your plugins and themes will be set to update automatically. There may be a couple of exceptions or the update is scheduled. WordPress will indicate next to the plugin when the update is due to take place. You can wait or update immediately. Your website will almost certainly be set to automatically update WordPress to minor versions but not always major versions (depends on your settings and also what your host allows). Some prefer to wait a week and then manually update major releases so that plugins can catch up with any unforeseen issues. When you log into your dashboard if there is a new WordPress version available, it willl say that and just follow the link. If its something like 5.8.3 it will be set to do that automatically but you can do it also. The ones you MAY have to do are the major releases e.g 5.8, 5.9, 6.0, 6.1 now.

DIVI theme: The majority of recent websites I have used DIVI for which I have a lifetime global license. Not my lifetime, the lifetime of DIVI. The new versions update automatically so if the plugins and WP versions are set to update you may need to do nothing at all to keep your site secure. It is worth going in from time to time to see if anything is flagged like a major release of WP or a version of PHP (the latter is a ticket to catalyst2 or your host or you can upgrade yourself in your control panel under WordPress ToolKit – it will alert you if you are running an old version and let you upgrade).

I do all the above as part of the service. This is if I am unavailable.

Not sure where your website is hosted. Check here.
Not sure where you domain is held. Check here.

.NET / Sql Server

You almost certainly have your own hosting account or I have the details at catalyst2 and have added you as ticket support. Raise a ticket here and they will assist: