I’ve changed your website (or you have) but you can’t see the changes? Then it’s probably a caching issue. Caching Data is a process that stores multiple copies of data or files in a temporary storage location – a cache – so they can be accessed faster and the page should appear quicker.

There a few types of caching but we will just consider the two most likely.

1. Your local browser cache. You will want to clear that and see if you see the changes. This covers the popular browsers.

Another thing you could try – view the page on your phone. Turn off wifi and use 4G. If you see the page as expected you know it’s almost certainly your desktop/laptop browser.

2. You still don’t see the changes? There is another common type of caching and that is server side caching. Usually this involves the server storing pages for a certain amount of time (24 hours or more). If I or someone else has installed a caching plugin I can clear the server cache for pages. If you have access you can do it easily e.g you will see something like below.  Click Purge Cache for all Pages (and this example Purge minify cache also) and you should see the changes when you refresh your browser.

There are many good and free caching plugins. If you need assistance contact me.