WordPress Market Share

WordPress websites are legion. Over 40% of all websites are now WordPress. This deserves a detailed analysis on why that might be and there is plenty of that out there ; this link has some interesting statistics and some suggestions for WordPress sucess. This is for 2021. When it comes to CMS websites WordPress has 65%.

Do you need a Privacy Policy?

Yes, you do even if you are not collecting personal data. You can just state this in your privacy policy. Sundial can provide a simple privacy policy but you may prefer to get legal advice as it’s a complex area on some websites.

This article explains it well although I think it may be wrong when it suggests you don’t need one if you don’t process personal data. All websites need a Privacy Policy and that is the law.


GDPR law states you must have an active opt-in/out for cookies on your website also. That’s usually a very quick job and Sundial can add that in (check the one on this website) – just contact me.

SSL Certificates

Your site needs an SSL certificate if only because search engines will penalise you if you don’t have one. Lots of other good reasons.

Not all SSL certificates are created equal. Let’s Encrypt is free and is probably what you have. You can pay a lot for an industrial strength certificate but most will not unless they are a large organisation, take payments on their own website (not embedded solutions) or have very sensitive data.

Check your certificate here

Hopefully you get an A rating.

Having a padlock means the interaction between you on your browser and the website you are using is encrypted, a very good thing. It does not mean that the website itself is to be trusted and is not the same as green bar padlock status. This explains it very well.

WordPress 5.9 is here

This is a major release and needs to be done manually (unless you are set up by your host for automatic major WP releases, use a plugin or have changed the wp-config file to do this).  I will be updating your website sometime week commencing 7th Feb. I’ll check everything is ok with your website after the update.

If you have taken over your website entirely then it’s advised to do this soon. In the unlikely event it causes an issue you can request your host roll it back.