If you are editing your own website and you use DIVI you may be using either the standard “Back-end Builder” or the front-end “Visual Builder.” Both are supported currently but when support for the WordPress Classic Editor is withdrawn (not this year, possibly next) then only the Visual Builder will be an option for you to edit. That’s what the makers of DIVI are saying currently. So maybe familiarise yourself with the Visual Editor (copy a page using Duplicate Post at the top of page (once logged in) and have a play). Useful starting point here of main differences in link below and a video. It’s strange at first perhaps but you soon realise you can build faster as changes to the screen are immediate. No back and forth and View Page necessary. Currently there are areas I find it challenging and often resort to the Back-end builder to speed things up. At some point that won’t be an option. You will almost certainly have to familiarise yourself at some point if you want to continue editing your own website.

Getting Started With The Divi Builder