Terms & Conditions

Updates to your website

The following only applies to WordPress websites. For .Net websites Sundial will always be responsible for software updates and patches and the resolution of any issues.

With a WordPress site there are 3 scenarios regarding the updating of the site.

1. Sundial will update all the content of the website (chargeable) and keep the WordPress version, the theme version and all plugin versions up to date (non-chargeable).

2. The client and Sundial will update all the content of the website (chargeable only for Sundial input) and Sundial will keep the WordPress version, the theme version and all plugin versions up to date (non-chargeable). If the client adds plugins and conflicts arise then fixing will be chargeable.

3. The client in effect takes over the whole website after delivery and updates using in-house or alternative developers. At that time ‘Website by Sundial’ should be removed from the footer and Sundial is no longer responsible for any software updates or has liability for any potential issues in the future.

WordPress themes

If Sundial has selected the WordPress theme for the build then I accept responsibility that theme will continue to be supported for a reasonable amount of time. Several years. If you have found a theme you like I will build it (assuming reviews are 5 star) but if the company goes out of business (and therefore cannot provide updates for future versions of WordPress) then the liability is with the client not Sundial. The website may continue to function perfectly well for years but there are no guarantees. That’s why it’s always better to go with a company rather than an individual theme provider. Themes I use will always update automatically and I have a global license. If for any reason the global license expires and the company is in Business still you will need to get your own license to ensure you have the latest version. WordPress theme developers can discontinue support at any time. That’s why your WordPress website is almost certainly the DIVI theme from Elegant Themes. It is anticipated they will remain in business for the foreseeable.

Hosting webspace

You will have your own hosting account, probably at catalyst2. If you get alerts you are running out of space, in the high nineties you will need to speak to catalyst2 to get the next hosting package up or remove some files (they can assist with that decision). If you run out of space then WordPress version, themes and plugins will not be able to update either manually or automatically (nearly all are set to automatic). This is a significant security risk and Sundial has no liability in this instance. I will probably remind you several times as I get alerted also.

If I need to upgrade the PHP version on your website for security reasons that will be me requesting the client raise the ticket. If the ticket does not get raised I will keep reminding but Sundial will not have liability in this instance. It’s an unlikely scenario and we can usually roll back the website and apply the new version.

In the event of Sundial Software ceasing trading then you will have access to your website and your own hosting account. See here. With most websites being WordPress themes and plugins will auto-update as will all minor updates of WordPress. Major releases of WordPress is usually just a click to install. If any issues arise a new developer may need to be hired but catalyst2 will be your first point of call.

For .Net Sql Server websites a new developer would be required if any issues arise or changes are required.